Established in August 2011 by one of the leading Chinese schools in the Philippines, the Makati Hope Language Center (MHLC) specializes in quality English instruction for both local and foreign students at a convenient rate and location.

It aims to enhance the quality of its students’ written and spoken English communication skills.

With its wide range of English proficiency programs based on the Cambridge English-learners curriculum, MHLC seeks to equip students with a firm grasp of American culture and a passionate sense of global competitiveness.


Makati Hope Language Center exists to provide holistic and innovative English language education for foreign students in order to enable them to be responsive to the challenges of the times. MHLC becomes the bridge to the evolving world by empowering students through language.


To see foreign nationals competitively achieve excellence in global English communication.

To be the preferred learning environment for students in their conquest of the English language.

To enable students to reach their full potential to communicate with ease in English in both academic and social contexts.