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Why the Philippines?

The Philippines is fast becoming the world’s low-cost English language teacher – with numbers of students trebling in the past four years. (BBC News)

The Philippines has the following advantages as your alternative destination for the study of English not too far away from your home country.

  • 93.5% of Filipinos can speak and understand English well .English is widely spoken in the Philippines. It is used as the business language as well as the medium of instruction in schools and universities.
  • The Philippines offers the same quality English education at a much affordable cost.
  • The Philippines prides itself with rich natural and cultural resources that fascinate visitors. (BBC The Philippines: Low-cost English teacher to the world)

Advantages of Studying in the Philippines

Low Cost of Living and Tuition Fee
A 60-hour language class here in the Philippines costs only a fraction (30%) of the tuition in schools in the United States or Canada – that cost up to 15000 RMB (except other courses). The standard of living in the Philippines is almost the same as in China.

American Education System
The Philippines has a natural cultural affinity with the U.S. considering the country’s history as a former US colony for five decades.

English-Speaking Environment
The Philippines is an English-speaking country. Filipinos can speak with a “clear American accent,” with the country’s call center sector and history of the Philippines as a former US colony. This makes it easier for the people to migrate to US and Europe easily. The Philippines is one of the major sources for American and British Public School teachers, and is the ONLY country in Asia where English is universally understood.

Global Standard in Universities
Three Philippine universities were ranked in year 2012 as among the best in the world in teaching English by London-based research and ratings firm Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). QS’ World University Rankings by Subject included Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines (UP), and De La Salle University (DLSU) in the Top 50 on its English list.

Internationally-Recognized Professional Courses
There’s been a rapid increase in the number of foreigners applying for graduate and post-graduate courses in all kinds of fields. The local programs offered by the local universities are very comparable, and the qualifications are the same for such courses as Nursing, Dentistry, Medicine, HRM, Business, MBA, etc. A number of foreign graduate and postgraduate students in the country are reportedly on the rise, apparently recognizing that local universities are on par with global standards. Today, Philippines ranks as one of the largest migration sending country in the world – sending a big number of nurses and doctors in the US, Canada, etc.

Application for Student Visa in Europe and the US
The education system of the Philippines is modeled largely on the American education system. Foreign students who want to continue academic study in US or Europe can apply for student visa in the Philippines.

Security and Community Life
The Philippines is a largely catholic country – people are generally pious and religious. Filipinos are naturally accommodating and hospitable. You’ll notice that out of the occasional visits to their homes you gain an extended family in a foreign country like the Philippines.
The Chinese people in the Philippines have a high social status, with the standard of living almost the same as in China.