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The Camp

The English Summer Camp brings outdoor and fun ESL indoor activities, plus enjoyable social events in the evenings. The Christian-tailored curriculum for campers forms the core of the camp. This year’s camp holds great promise for learning more about the world’s culture and in finding one’s true identity in Christ.
Capture English Learning in an adventurous, lush-green and pure English fun filled environment of the world-renowned resort Caliraya Resort Club, Philippines!
Makati Hope Language Center is committed in creating a student-friendly English-learning environment which dictates a curriculum of historical, cultural and practical objectives.
The Summer Camp provides students holistic English learning, from listening, reading, writing, grammar and speaking to application, entertaining challenges and practical workshops as well as educational tours and the development of cultural awareness which will help prepare students in understanding one’s culture to inform values, behavior, and challenges and to promote appropriate communication in adjusting to life and global competitiveness. Learning in an enjoyable environment is an educational treat where education is heightened by the student’s unique and pleasurable abroad and resort experience.

In the English Summer Camp, you experience learning breakthrough and

  • Immerse in a pure English environment and intimate class size
  • Engage in interactive learning through games, quizzes, and other activities that enliven language learning
  • Interact with foreign teachers and other international students
  •  Bask in the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient Seas – the Philippines!


Camp Goals

This summer, we aim that each student will have a memorable and fun summer learning experience and to develop their mind by engaging in creative activities that they will surely remember for a lifetime.

We put premium in recognizing the total development of each individual – physical, moral, intellectual and emotional, and to empower their complex learning abilities to unleash and optimize their full potentials.

The English Summer Camp has five primary objectives:

  • To enhance skills in the English Language in an authentic and practical fun-filled English Environment
  • To embrace and enjoy authentic relationship with international fellows
  • To expand awareness through historical and cultural exposure
  • To enhance values formation through exciting tours in an international setting
  • To be renewed and empowered through the Word of God

Camp Description

The English Summer Camp has three primary objectives:

  1. To have Fun
  2. To learn the English Language
  3. To develop Social Skills and Values Formation

Camp Programs

The English Camp is designed for students of ESL (English as a Second Language) to improve their English in a fun and vibrant learning environment. Learning English becomes more effective and exciting through creative ways where students can talk more, mingle with other international students, and exercise the use of the language in practical and relevant conditions. Lessons are categorized according to levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Classes include Reading and Vocabulary, Writing and Listening. More time will be provided to assess individual student’s needs; to immerse students in an English-speaking environment where they are able to express themselves freely and are encouraged to try out new skills.

This 2-week and 4-week program is broken down into sessions according to level of proficiency. The first session caters to beginner language learners subsequently followed by sessions for intermediate on English conversation skills.

In addition to this, lessons include enrichment of vocabulary and enhance facility of the language. Classes may include group discussions, forums, media (interviews, talk shows, news casting), oral presentations, role plays, problem solving activities, and useful everyday conversations.

There will also be outdoor activities to let students explore their communication skills in real-life setting. Outdoor activities will let students try out their language skills with other people while enjoying the beauty of nature in lush-green Caliraya and other breathtaking views in the Philippines through guided social activities.

Minimum age is 6 years old. Eight students per room will stay in the New Villa Rooms and Picnic Pavilion in Caliraya Recreation Center with chaperone (24-hour supervision).

Aside from learning the English language, participants get to see the beautiful sceneries of the countryside in Caliraya Recreation Center and immerse with the local culture. Caliraya Recreation Center in Lumban, Laguna has a no smoking and no alcoholic drinks policy and also a preferred site for various groups’ activities like team building, conferences, and camps. This place is positioned on a mount that is surrounded by dense green trees that make the place more relaxing for those travelers and nature lovers who want to escape the hustle-and-bustle life of the metropolis.

Camp Site

Caliraya Resort Club is a haven nestled atop mountains along the Caliraya Lake shoreline. Given its unique location, it offers a breathtaking view of nature’s gifts. A haven not only for the body but also for the mind and spirit. Located in Lumban, Laguna is the 7.6 hectares of lush greenery that offers fun-filled activities which surely provide fond memories for both learning institutions and family gatherings. Just two and a half hours south of Metro Manila, the resort is a short ferry boat ride from the shore of the pristine man-made Caliraya Lake. All hotel rooms feature cable televisions, air-conditioning, and hot/cold showers, while the lakeside duplexes offer 12-15 people a fascinating view of the lake and a short stroll to the water sport facilities.

Camp Activities

The English Summer Camp main goal is to provide opportunity to grow communicatively for the secondary language learners. The day is packed by English learning activities with the balance of outdoor learning.

Program Details

Program Dates
14-days January 27 – February 2020
  • Payment is non-refundable but transferable
  • Slots are limited on a first come first serve basis
  • Slots are only considered reserved upon full payment.
  • Deadline of enrollment is December 23, 2019 .

English summer camp program may include:

  • English study and test
  • Mind Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Amazing Race (outdoor activity)
  • Survivor Caliraya (outdoor activity)
  • BBQs
  • Student parties
  • Manila City Tour (walking tours)
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Swimming

Students of the English Camp provides participants with sufficient time after their English courses to learn more about Philippine and American culture, traditions & customs. During cultural/social activities and planned excursions, students will experience cultural and social activities with the other international students. This provides them with the opportunity to practice their new English language skills, as well as to make new friends.


  • Groups are requested to send teachers to accompany the students. The ratio of 20 students to 1 teacher is the standard. The teacher will be responsible for managing the group.
  • Every batch has several groupings. Each group will select one leader and one assistant leader to help the teachers in the group’s activities.


1. When is the English Camp and how much is the fee?

Program Dates
14-days January 27 – February, 2020
  • Payment is non-refundable but transferable 
  • Slots are limited on a first come first serve basis 
  • Deadline of enrollment is on December 23, 2019

2. How much is the English Camp?

For the English Camp Fee, kindly inquire directly with your agent. (See Agent’s List)

3. What are the requirements for the camp?

  • Students must be in between ages 6-18 years old (if the child is 14 years old and younger, he/she should be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian).
  • Must be physically fit.
  • With good moral character.
  • Must submitted an Application Form with Waiver signed by parents before the deadline.
  • Must send a copy of his or her passport.

4. What is the most significant feature of the English Camp?

The English Summer Camp brings outdoor and fun ESL indoor activities, plus enjoyable social events in the evenings. The curriculum for campers forms the core of the camp. This year’s camp holds great promise for learning more about the power of English in conquering the world.

Unique Features:


The camp will be held in a 7 hectare amenity filled famous resort in the Philippines namely Caliraya Resort Club. It is a Lakeside Resort with beautiful mountain  views. The resort holds Asia’s one and only Slide and Fly. The resort includes a lot of amenities, but not limited to Sky Bicycle, Zip Line, Wall Climbing, Horseback riding and four swimming pools.


Makati Hope Christian School is a reputable educational institution with 3 decades of famous history. The school is experienced in teaching English as a Second Language to foreign students who are successfully assimilated into Primary and Secondary Education in the Philippines and abroad.

Makati Hope Language Center Teachers are LET Passers with lengthy ESL teaching experience and TESOL certificate holders.


- Market Challenge – Experience shopping in a Philippine wet market. Accept the challenge and learn practical English! Happy Shopping!

- Survivor- Experience dynamic games and activities where the students fight for their lives to stay alive in a world that the only language that can be used is English.

- Gala Night- This is where the students will attend a ball wearing fancy clothes and enjoy dancing with dinner in an English environment setting.

- English Sharing Time- The students can practice the art of sharing with fellow campers and discover the purpose of God in their lives.

- English Learning Activities- Variety of exciting activities as tools for the students to practice English.

- Philippine Coconut Activity- This is where the students will learn how to climb the coconut tree.


For English Summer Camp, we will have an add on feature where the students can sit-in a local reputable school namely Makati Hope Christian School for one day and interact with the locals in an academic setting.


For the English Camp takes the campers on an exciting adventure to the following:

1. Philippines’ Puerto Galera – activities are varied from snorkelling, diving and Dolphin Watching (weather dependent).

2. Enchanted Kingdom – Philippines number 1 Theme Park


Students also get to feast on full board buffet style meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

5. What can the students learn from the English Camp?

The English Summer Camp has five primary objectives:

  • To enhance skills in the English Language in an authentic and practical fun-filled English Environment
  • To embrace and enjoy authentic relationship with international fellows
  • To expand awareness through historical and cultural exposure
  • To enhance values formation through exciting tours in an international setting
  • To be renewed and empowered through the Word of God

6. Where is the venue of the camp

Venue of the Training :

7. How do you ensure the children’s safety and security

Makati Hope Language Center English Camp ensures the safety of each student as its vital priority. Each room will have a chaperone (24-hour supervision), security guards are available at all times and CCTV cameras are installed in Caliraya Resort. Personal Accident insurance is also part of the Package.

8. What happens in case of illness?

Caliraya Resort Club has a nurse that will address the medical and urgent needs of the students and in case of an emergency. Also, hospitals are just 30-minute drive away from Caliraya. Camp fee also covers accident insurance.

9. What is the accommodation and food like?

Students will stay at our English camp program’s campsite in Caliraya Resorts Club in Lumban, Laguna. It has a land area of 76, 000 square meters of fine landscape and scenery; the three-level hotel is the largest in the area. Four students per room with one Teacher or Staff will stay in the Hotel Rooms in Caliraya Resorts Club with chaperone (24-hour supervision). All the rooms are equipped with their own toilet and bath, hot water and afford guests a view of the property. Students also get to feast on full board buffet style meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner! Caliraya Resorts Club adheres to smoke-free, alcohol-free policy and seeks to promote a family-friendly atmosphere.

10. What are the fee inclusion?

Fee Inclusions :

  • Tuition Fee
  • Learning Materials
  • Accommodation for the full 9 days
  • Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Transportation
  • Tours
  • Laundry
  • Insurance

11. Course/Subjects

  • English Language  and Cross Cultural Communication
  • Learning activities (Mind Games, Arts & Crafts, Survivor Caliraya (outdoor activity)
  • Swimming
  • Tours and Sight

12. Do you give out certificates?

Yes. Certificate of completion bearing Makati Hope Language Center and Philippine TESDA seal will be issued to those who have completed and passed the program.

13. What are the entrance / arrival procedures?

  • Students need to secure Tourist Visa to enter Philippines.
  • Visas, Airplane Ticket and Airport taxes are not included in the package.
  • Makati Hope Language Center will arrange Airport Pick up coordination with the arranger abroad.
  • Students below 15 years old must travel with a parent / legal guardian, otherwise, he or she must comply with the following requirements:
                 i.  Secure Waiver Of Exclusion Ground from the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines
                  Please read carefully the above-stated General Instructions before proceeding with the completion of the documentary requirements.
                      1. Letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the parent or the legal guardian;
                      2. Affidavit of Consent of either of the parents of the subject minor (below 15 years of age);
                      3. Photocopy of subject minor’s passport bio-page;
                      4. Photocopy of the parent/s’ or legal guardian’s passport bio-page; and
                      5. Photocopy of the official receipt of payment for the WEG fee.

                 ii. Payment fees: Php 3,500 per head
14.How many slots are available for the English Camp?

Allotted Number of Persons:50

15. Can an airport pick-up be arranged for those who are arriving before January 27?

Yes, airport pick up can be arranged. Please coordinate itinerary with our staff (Sophie 09257142954) Airport pick-up and drop-off is available only within Metro Manila and within the following dates: January 27, 2020

Please send us the following details:
1. Name
2. Contact number
3. Flight itinerary (Flight number, Time of Arrival & Departure, Terminal No.)
4. Hotel / Address

Contact Person: Caroline Bu / Sophie Liu
Mobile No.: +639178379570 / +639257142954
WeChat: MHLC4084 / MHLC-Ortigas
Landline: (+632) 86321010 loc. 328/793
Fax No.: (+632) 86374430 / (+632) 86375474

Note: Accommodation and Meals cover camp proper dates only (January 27 – February 6, 2020)

16. In cases of difficulties in VISA application of delegates and parents, can the Language Center provide a reference or document to back up the application? If VISA application is rejected, will the Language Center provide a refund of the camp fee?

The Language Center can send delegates a formal invitation to the Philippines. In cases of rejection of VISA application, the Language Center cannot provide a refund but the fee is transferable.

17. In case of a need of accommodation on extra days, can the Language Center provide for us a place to stay? What are the rates?
St. Francis Square (assembly place) is located just beside the BSA Twin Towers. We offer discounted rates which are as follows:

1 Bedroom Published Rate: Php 9,500 per night
Discounted Rate: Php 5,300 per night (with breakfast for two)
Studio Deluxe Published Rate: Php 6,500
Discounted Rate: Php 3,800 per night (with breakfast for two)
Additional breakfast: Php 400 per pax
Extra Bed: Php 1,300 per bed

18. How much cash does one have to bring to the camp

Camp fee includes full board meals already for the whole duration of the camp, hence, we advise delegates to bring personal cash worth the following:

11-days 2,000 RMB

Additional fees for departure from the Philippines would be needed:

For People holding Travel Visa- No need to pay anything


The organizer Makati Hope Language Center is the sole interpreter of the above provision.

How to Register

Last day of Registration :  December 23, 2019

Registration Steps if abroad:

1. Fill up Registration Form here (via online / or from partner school.)

2. Pay through bank remittance.

Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA, Manila Branch
Bank Address: Ground Floor, Philamlife Tower
8767 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City 1229, Philippines
Swift code: BKCHPHMM
for credit to the acct of: MAKATI HOPE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, INC.
Account No.: SA#100000750043243 (RMB)

3. Write name of student/s on bank remittance form and submit bank remittance form through e-mail or fax :
Email Address :
Fax No.: (+632) 86374430

4. Show up for the camp
Assembly Date: January 27, 2020
Assembly Time: 8:00a.m.,
Assembly Place: 4th Floor St. Francis Square Mall Julia Vargas Ave cor. Bank Drive, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550

5. Things to bring

  • International Costume
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • One (1) 2×2 picture
  • Waiver signed by guardian