MH Language Center

4th Floor St. Francis Square Mall
Julia Vargas Ave cor. Bank Drive,
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Zip Code : 1550

About us

Stand out among others! Learn English and get ready to explore the world. The Center offers reasonable rates, and our highly qualified instructors will help meet your specific needs.

MHCS is an academic institution with 3 decades of expertise in its field; making a name in the Filipino community and beyond because of its rigorous interdisciplinary academic program. And now, MHCS gladly brings you Makati Hope Language Center, also known as MH Language Center.

At MH Language Center:

  1. MHCS has more than 30 years of famous history.
  2. We have first – rate English teachers.
  3. We offer a much affordable and reasonable rate.
  4. We have a strategic location in the heart of Ortigas CBD.
  5. We have a secure and pleasant accommodation.

MH Language Center provides English as a Second Language (ESL) Study Program to both local and foreign individuals of all ages who wish to enhance grammar, vocabulary and communication skills in the English language. Located at Basement 1 of St. Francis, Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Bank Drive, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, students are assured of accessibility and an environment conducive to learning.

MH Language Center offers different intensive training programs designed for every need of students to enhance the quality of written and communication skills of learners in the English language.

MH Language Center has appointed different types of approaches to address the need of every student to receive individual attention from their instructors. Every class is designed to fully challenge the students to reach their highest potentials by making the classes comprehensive and interactive through conducting social activities for a clear English communication. Class sizes are designed to be comprised of only a handful of students for intensive and efficient language training from the Filipino instructors which are carefully hand-picked and who are capable of passing on their adept knowledge in the proper usage and comprehension of the English language.

Our Vision

To see foreign nationals competitively achieve excellence in communication to face the world.

Our Mission

Makati Hope Language Center exists to provide holistic English language education for foreign students to be innovative and responsive to the needs and challenges of the times, and to be able to bridge them to the world and the world to them.

Makati Hope Language Center

A department of one of the leading Chinese schools in the Philippines, MHCS is an academic institution with 3 decades of expertise in its field with a high passing rate of its alumni at the leading universities in the country and abroad. It is also the training ground for students to unleash their undiscovered talents and hone their potentials at its fullest came about MH Language Center in Ortigas to competitively achieve excellence in communication.

Established in August 2011 with a mission to enhance the quality not just in written and spoken English communication but to immerse the students in a new language and have a firm grasp of American culture which can propel the learners to global competitiveness.


MHCS has been with the education industry for 3 decades. Because of our rigorous interdisciplinary academic program meshed in the holistic approach, we have made a name in the Filipino community and beyond. We have a 98% passing rate on entrance to top universities of the country (University of the Philippines, Ateneo, De La Salle University, University of Sto. Tomas), and even schools abroad in Washington D.C, USA and United Kingdom (University of Portsmouth) and started to produce young and distinguished citizens in various fields including a top-notcher in the Physician licensure examination, a number of elites in the business world, and other sectors. Upholding the school’s vision, mission and institutional goals, our graduates are spread across the country’s diverse and growing businesses, industries and other ventures. MHCS is also known among the business people in the Philippines, where the elite and most successful businessmen send their children to study and be nurtured.

The vision of the MHCS is to become a community of learners that shall represent harmony, excellence, integrity, resilience and stewardship, committed in fulfilling each individual’s purpose.

To be effective and efficient in making the vision and mission come into reality, the MHCS as an educational institution upholds: Harmony, Excellence, Integrity, Resilience, and Stewardship.

The MHCS logo is circular which signifies the versatile education promoted and embodied by the school. The Red Cross symbolizes the inspiration to which the establishment pledged their fidelity to. The orange flame represents the dedication in upholding a lifelong learning in the school community as they foster a great environ that is committed to do its mission in the world.